Publication Policy  

The Journal of Global Business Management (JGBM) has an important role to play in providing such a forum for researchers and practitioners to share leading-edge knowledge in the global business management area. Therefore, the objectives of JGBM are to encourage and publish research in the field of international business management.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality research publication for academic authors at all-research-level academic institutions. The objectives of the Journal of Global Business Management, as set forth in its constitution, are to foster education and advance professional standards in the field of global business. These objectives include facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among people in academic, business, and government professions who are concerned with education in global business encouraging and fostering research activities that advance knowledge in international business and increase the available body of teaching material cooperating, whenever possible, with government, business and academic organizations to further the internationalization objectives of the JGBM.

The Journal of Global Business Management, which has an ISSN number issued by the ISSN International Center, France. JGBM is listed in both EBSCO and Ulrich's Directories. The headquarters of JGBM is located in Oregon, United States.

All accepted papers will be published in the journal as supplement. The average acceptance rate is 24 percent. The journal is distributed in more than twenty-five countries around the world.


Dr. William Johnson, Nova Southeastern University, USA
Dr. Dick Murphy, Jacksonville University, USA
Dr. F. William Brown, Montana State University, USA
Dr. Marge O'Reilly-Allen, Rider University, USA


Dr. Allen B. Atkins, Northern Arizona University, USA
Dr. Pete R. Simmons, San Leo University, USA
Dr. Haluk Mehmet Koksal, ALHOSN University, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Marge O'Reilly-Allen, Rider University, USA
Dr. Brigitte Levy, University of Ottawa, Canada
Dr. Krish Krishnan, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Renee Warning, University of Central Oklahoma, USA
Dr. Rick D. Hackett, McMaster University, Canada
Dr. Jeffrey S. Schieberl, Pepperdine University, USA
Dr. Jan Visagie, North-West University, South Africa
Dr. Joel Shulman, Babson College, USA
Dr. Peter Harris, New York Institute of Technology, USA
Dr. Ronald G. Gilbert, Florida International University, USA
Dr. Mohamed S. M. Salem, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Hasan Bulent Kantarci, Kocaeli University, Turkey
Dr. Bill McPherson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Greg McCann, Stetson University, USA
Dr. Jean Wilcox, Temple University, USA
Dr. Mukesh K. Chaudhry, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Philip M. Nichols, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Thomas G. Henkel, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA